Toyota Supra 2015 Redesign and Reviews
Toyota Supra 2015

Toyota Supra 2015 is the third generation of this successful model. The Japanese company is very  proud to present another sports car of the new generation.

Toyota Supra 2015 design

Since the establishment in 1937 until today they are leaders in the production of premium vehicles available to everyone.Toyota supra 2015 model has been redesigned car that first appeared in the nineties. The designers did their best to offer us a sports car that looks like it came from the future. The mask is completely different and LED headlights, which are elongated giving the vehicle an aggressive look. Redesigned alloy wheels have a futuristic look. Complete line of Toyota Supra 2015 is very aerodynamic. Rounded taillights give us clear that we only this company can build a real sports car. The upper spoiler and dual exhaust tells us that this is a long-distance runner. That this is the car of the future can be seen in its interior. Much of the interior is made of carbon fibber. Leather seats are very comfortable and very luxurious. The engineers did not spare the new technologies so that the new model  is equipped with all the extras.

Toyota Supra 2015 interior

Types of engine

Toyota Supra 2015 will have more engine variants. It is important to emphasize that the future of this vehicle looks and engine. One thing is certain and that is a hybrid engine. Rumours are circulating that the electric drive to be at the front and rear wheels on gasoline. Than gasoline engines of its place will be 3.5L with 350 horsepower and 373 lb / ft and 5,0L with 450 horsepower and 520 lb / ft. The speed of this beauty will be limited to 275 kilometres per hour. For transmission we still do not know, but engineers have invested all their efforts so that the error will be.

Toyota Supra 2015 side

Expected price

Toyota Supra 2015 we will introduce you to the end of the year. A vehicle that is at all especially deserves great attention. Price should be between 40,000 $ and the $ 55,000. Be ready to see something new and so far unseen and that is  new Toyota.

Toyota Supra 2015 rear



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