Toyota Highlander 2015 Hybrid Reviews
Toyota Highlander 2015

Toyota Highlander 2015 is the latest family SUV Japanese companies. The company is one of the largest and among the first manufacturers of hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Highlander design and equipment

Toyota Highlander 2015 is a full-size SUV. It comes in four versions LE, KLE, Limited and Platinum. It is expected that the vehicle dimensions will be slightly increased compared to the previous model from 2013, designers made ​​sure that the outside of the 2015 Toyota Highlander looks more aggressive and thus keep up with modern trends. LED lights are a real decoration on this guy. The redesigned grille is wearing a big sign company. Mirrors are combined black and colour of the body and have indicators as well. Large alloy wheels of 18 or 19 inches have another advantage of the vehicle. Large touch screen 8 inch dominates the dashboard. Some of the commands are very nicely integrated into the steering wheel as the driver makes it easy to steer. The seats are comfortable and made from memory foam. Toyota Highlander 2015 has three rows of seats .Rumors are circulating that luggage space will be increased by as much as 34 percent. The car has a lot of equipment for fun and easier to manage cruise control, HD radio, Bluetooth, USB ports, CD-DVD player and hands-free. Safety of the vehicle is at the highest level. The vehicle features the latest system airbags, ABS, a Collision Alert system, Blind- spot monitoring

Toyota Highlander 2015 interior

Toyota Highlander 2015 engine types

Toyota Highlander in 2015 will have multiple versions of the engine. To begin with we have to offer engine 2,7L V-4 with 185 horsepower. Stronger motor is 3,6L and V-6 with 270 horsepower. Both options have a six-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid version of the beauties has a gasoline engine of 3.5 litters V-6 combined with two electric motors that provide 280 horsepower.

Toyota Highlander 2015 side

Toyota Highlander 2015 price

Toyota Highlander 2015 is already in preparation and we expect it very soon. Its price should be between $ 30,000 and $ 45,000. This vehicle deserves attention and is the perfect choice for big family dynamic.

Toyota Highlander 2015 rear

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