Toyota Corolla 2015 Redesign and Specs
Toyota Corolla 2015

Japanese manufacturer of the new Toyota Corolla 2015 is present in the market for almost fifty years. First model of Corolla light of day she saw back 1966.

 Toyota Corolla 2015 design

This year presents its twelfth generation of this model.  Toyota Corolla 2015 arrives in four models. L, LE, LE ECO and of course sport model of Toyota . The engineers and designers have made ​​sure that the new model is completely redesigned. For all the little things designers are paying much attention. The lights are to save and quality LED. The headlights are set higher. The front grille gives it a very modern design. Aerodynamic lines came to the fore, is assumed to be time and achieve savings on fuel. New paint it gives a dose of elegance. Wheelbase in this model is 3.9 inches, which has a positive impact on the appearance and quality. S model by design is a little different from the others. It has a black grille, heated mirrors and turns indicators and can optionally be ordered with 16-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Corolla 2015 rear

 Toyota Corolla 2015 interior

  Touch of elegance Toyota Corolla 2015 give and leather seats that never seen in other king. Redesigned is also a screen that is 6.1 a touch screen. The steering wheel has a lot of commands that the driver can easily manage. Of equipment there is a cruise control, automatic climate control, satellite radio with the different phone applications, collision avoidance system, and more. The rear seats can be folded so that this wonderful pet can provide and larger cargo space. According Equipment Available for this model can be said that the real Japanese.

Toyota Corolla 2015 interior

Toyota Corolla 2015 engine

Toyota Corolla is in this model with inline-4 unit 1.8liter engine and a manual transmission with 6 speeds. This combination has led to the fact that has 132hp and 128lb/ft of torque. Frugal Japanese consumes only 27 miles to the gallon in the city and 34 on the highway. There is a story that will only get LE ECO engine with 140hp and 136 lb / ft torque. Probably it will come out and the hybrid model but to no confirmation.

Toyota Corolla 2015 rear

 Toyota Corolla price

New Toyota Corolla 2015 has not yet been presented to the public.  Management will decide where fair will be presented. Most likely it will be this year and 2015 will be ready for sale. It will be certainly more expensive than the previous model. Depending on the equipment cost is likely to range from 20,000 to $ 30,000. Very stylish design, high technology and high safety are great reasons to become a proud owner of a Toyota Corolla 2015.

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