Subaru WRX 2015 Changes and Price
Subaru WRX 2015

Subaru WRX 2015 is a new child Fuji Heavy industry.  In the middle of the last century in Tokyo started to produce excellent  and very quality vehicles.

Subaru WRX  design

Today, Subaru is leading the automotive industry in Japan. Subaru WRX 2015 sedan is where comfort is guaranteed for all five passengers. This car arrives in the three variants. The basic model includes a lot of equipment. A feature such as heated seats and mirrors, navigation, and rear spoiler comes with the premium variant of this model. Limited model features leather seats and automatic LED headlamps. New for this vehicle is stiffer chassis which gives added stability while driving. Subaru WRX  a very sophisticated sedan designed for people who know what they want. The manufacturer has introduced new standards such as the required rear camera and bigger brakes. Wheelbase is larger than previous models so that the resulting larger interior. As always, safety comes first. A cabin dominates the LED screen of 4.3 inches. Most vehicle functions are controlled on the screen or the steering wheel. Some of the news is the self test and maintenance reminders. New standard audio system includes six speakers for ultimate enjoyment.

Subaru WRX 2015 interior

Subaru WRX  engine

Subaru WRX 2015 has a six-speed manual transmission. The engine that goes along with this pretty boy is 2.0 L turbo V-4 with 268 horsepower and 258 pound / feet of torque. A stronger version of the engine is a 2.5 L turbo V-4 with 305 horsepower. Power consumption ranges from 21 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. Due to  stronger power consumption is slightly higher.

Subaru WRX 2015 rear

Subaru WRX 2015 price

The Subaru WRX 2015 will probably debut in Detroit. The general population will be offered at the end of this year. Its price of $ 26,000 – 35000 $ is something worth aside because the Japanese is really something special.

Subaru WRX 2015 side

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