Nissan Z 2016 Design and Price
Nissan Z 2016

Nissan Z 2016 will be the latest athletes of this great Japanese family. Factory Nissan was founded in 1933. Their vehicles are of the highest quality.

Design of exterior and interior

Nissan Z 2016 will soon arrive as one of the most beautiful sports cars of today. Manufacturer has not yet officially announced whether it comes to us a car for mass production or to start only as a conceptual. It will be built on the FM platform with the use of a lot of new lightweight materials. The line of vehicles will be more rounded and will achieve much more aerodynamic look. New Nissan Z will have a very futuristic look. The front part will undergo a lot of redesign because the manufacturer has decided to leave nothing to chance. We’ll get a real quick athlete. This car is rich in Hi-Tech trifles .The interior of the beauties will be very pleasant and adapted fast and safe driving. Fast driving and be safe. With this car it will be the primary objective.

Nissan Z 2016 interior

Nissan Z 2016 engines and transmission

Nissan Z 2016 should get a fabulous engine. In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz to offer will find first-class engines. The first should be a V-4 engine of 2.0L with 210 horsepower and 260 lb / ft of torque. A stronger motor will most likely be a V-6 3.0 with 350 horsepower. Depending on the customer’s preferences, offering a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission. We assume that the manufacturer will offer a hybrid model.As big fans of the environment, the company is constantly working on developing hybrid vehicles.

Nissan Z 2016 front view

Price and release date

Nissan Z 2016 will indeed be the car for that will turn heads. Its beauty will have plenty of rivals and top engines are another advantage of this beauty. Its price should be at around $ 35,000. We expect it in early 2016th.

Nissan Z 2016 rear

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