Nissan Titan 2016 Changes and Price
Nissan Titan 2016

Nissan Titan 2016 is coming soon as a pick-up in full size.Japanese company years launch a great vehicle.On market they are present in less than a century.

Changes of exterior and interior

Japanese products are all over the world, but the American market is the most interesting.Nissan Titan 2016 has introduced some changes compared to the previous model. The first model of this vehicle appeared ten years ago and since then the design has been steadily rising. The American market is still eagerly large pick-up, but the previous model was not there enough interest. Therefore, the design team decided on some changes. Were primarily decided to reduce the weight and thus received and reduced fuel consumption. Lighter materials and modern design will make this car attractive to a wider population. Nissan Titan is still massive and muscular, but now with a touch of elegance that would fit women. The interior has also undergone changes. Leather seats should possess and heating. Car has two rows of seats and an absolute guarantee comfort. In the cabin there is a change; designers replaced the cheap plastic so now it looks more luxurious. Nissan Titan 2016 will be a vehicle adapted to people with your small business. Great trailer is sure to satisfy the needs of modern families.

Nissan Titan 2016 interior

Engine types and performances

New model should have a very powerful engine. Because of its quality and durability manufacturer will certainly opt for the Cummins turbo diesel V-8 5,0L. This engine offers 300 hp and excellent torque of 500 lb / ft. Some rumours say that you should count on the motor of 5.6 V-8 with 317 hp and 385 lb / ft. Because of the emphasis on saving the possibility to supply the 3.5L V-6 but it has not yet been confirmed.

Nissan Titan 2016 front

Nissan Titan 2016 price and release date

Nissan Titan 2016 should be introduced early next year. Its price should be around $ 45,000 which is the level of its competitors. This vehicle is much more than a pickup, it will be your right hand in any business.

Nissan Titan 2016 side

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