Nissan Frontier 2015 pick-up Specs
Nissan Frontier 2015

Nissan Frontier 2015 is a new pick-up of a large Japanese manufacturer. Nisan falls into one of leading car manufacturers in the Japanese and Asian markets.

Nissan Frontier 2015 design

Their engines for fourteen years at the top of the ladder Ward engine.Nissan Frontier 2015 is a middle pickup suitable for a lot of things. This model culminated in 2004 when he declared the Car of the Year. Since then due to high demand designers are trying to keep pace with modern technology. The engineers have opted for a well-known and reliable platform RDV unibody. Most of the car is made of aluminium. Alloy wheels 16 and 18 inches this pretty boy gives a more powerful appearance. The headlights are LED, sharp edges that Nissan Frontier  gives a dose of aggressiveness. The redesigned chrome grille holds a solid look. The manufacturer has put a lot of effort that trailer is more than functional. The onus is provided with smart padlocks and relief in manipulating the weight of representing the canal system, rails and various holders. The cabin is spacious and extremely comfortable for all five passengers. Optionally one can take leather heated seats. Large screen provides a lot of information to facilitate steering.

Nissan Frontier 2015 interior

Nissan Frontier  engine

Nissan Frontier  will offer several variants of the engine and transmission. Some of the combinations were 2.5 l V-4 with 156 horsepower and six-speed manual gearbox. With a six-speed automatic transmission will probably go engine 4.0L V-sixth .There is a possibility that we will offer a hybrid model. Here am I supposed to get the 2.5L V-4 in combination with an electric motor. Due to the application of new technology and aluminium consumption is excellent. On the highway consumption is 23 MPG, and excellent 19 mpg in the city.

Nissan Frontier 2015 rear

Nissan Frontier 2015 price

Nissan Frontier 2015 should be found in showrooms early next year. Its price will be around $ 20,000. Nissan Frontier  is a car that inspires in every way.

Nissan Frontier 2015 side

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