Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 Interior and Specs
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 is an athlete from the land of the rising sun.This car is a part of a company Mitsubishi.Their name translates as three diamonds.

Mitsubishi Eclipse design and equipment

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 is a high-performance sports coupe. The Japanese company has always been in sales a great sports cars but I think they are far exceeded all expectations. The redesigned sport grille with submerged barriers will be something completely new on the market. LED headlights give the car a more aggressive look. Aerodynamic line is brought to perfection. Alloy composed of five bars. The rear lights are slightly submerged, under the hood there are two large holes in the shape of a triangle. Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 has a very comfortable cabin. Leather seat makes this car very luxurious. The engineers made ​​sure that the vehicle is very safe, and so they make sure that everything is on a higher level. The dashboard is a look-a sports steering wheel is a real decoration. Japanese cars cannot even imagine without Hi-Tec toys, so with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse . The vehicle has a top navigation, climate, excellent audio system and a lot of equipment to enjoy the ride. Some equipment can take optional.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 interior

Mitsubishi Eclipse engine performances

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 is likely to have two engine variants. The base engine is a 2.4L SOHC MIVEC V-4 with 162 horsepower. Stronger motor should be 3.8l V-6 with 265 horsepower. Transmission is expected to be five-automatic. In such a combination of the acceleration of 0 to 60 miles should reach for 6 seconds.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 rear

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 price

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse has not yet been presented. Some of the next trade show will quite certainly welcome this handsome. Online it is expected early next year. Price is not yet known but should be slightly higher than previous models due to many modern additions. Pay reaps the newest athlete on the market.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 side

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