Mazda 3 2015 Changes and Reviews
Mazda 3 2015

Mazda 3 2015 is already one of the best selling models of Japanese companies. This year we reached a new improved and redesign version of the Mazda 3.

Mazda 3 2015 design

Mazda 3  is one of the sports cars and threatening to take over dominance in this class. It basically made ​​the C platform but it is much improved and redesigned. Larger LED headlights and alloy wheels 16 to 18 inches give this handsome looks dangerous. The designers have tried to edit the look of the hood and grille Mazda 3 2015 give a very modern New Look. Complete vehicle and all its parts give the impression of strength, safety and dynamics. Dashboard also adds different features to make driving easier and comfortable for the driver and all of its passengers. Leather seats give a dose of elegance and comfort is guaranteed. Like any true Japanese this car has enough equipment for safe driving. Provide assistance to the driver cruise control, automatic climate control, parking sensors, navigation, Active ride system, Head-up Display. 7-inch display is clear enough for all functions.

Mazda 3 2015 interior

Mazda 3 2015 engines

Mazda 3  we will be offered with more engine variants 2.0 L V-4 Sky active-G which has 155 horsepower. The following is a 2.5 l and 184 horsepower. For the European market, the offer will be 2.2 l turbo diesel and 1.5 litter petrol engine, but expect them later. Transmission will come to us in two versions automatic and manual six-speed. Mazda 3  will be divided into small appliances because the consumption of between 5 and 6 litters per 100 kilometres.

Mazda 3 2015 rear

Mazda 3  price

Mazda 3 2015  is a sports car with a high dose of elegance and very good performances. With a price tag of about $ 18,000 we are sure that these cars retain primacy in sales of Japanese vehicles.

Mazda 3 2015 side

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