Lexus RX 2015 SUV Reviews
Lexus RX 2015

Lexus RX 2015 is the new redesign and improved SUV of the Japanese manufacturer. Company Lexus is part of a major and one of leading auto industry Toyota.

Lexus RX 2015 design

The first car came out in 1989 and since then we receive a high quality and safe cars.Lexus RX was slightly redesigned model that has been around since 1997, this beautiful pet reports will be produced in Japan and Canada. We expect minor changes in the new Lexus RX 2015 This is primarily a family car but satisfies even the most demanding customers. Get real proud beauties in the category of luxury SUVs. The vehicle is an impressive size range and wheelbase is 107.9 inches. LED lights give a special charm Lexus RX  Fog lights are also LED. Optionally can be ordered wheels from 19 inches triple-split, five spoke wheels in light gray. The overall design of the vehicle is very stylish and far from being aggressive, which is expected in this category. The interior exudes comfort and safety. A large wheel is covered with leather and has a lot of commands that make it easier to steer. The new Lexus RX  has built-in high quality audio equipment and can optionally be required Mark Levinson Surround Sound system. The ride is not only pleasant but also extra comfortable for four adult passengers. Another argument in favour of this car is its high marks for safety by NHTSA. It has ten airbags to electronic stability control, ABS, collision avoidance system, rear-view camera, and cruise control.

Lexus RX 2015 interior

Lexus RX 2015 engine

Lexus RX 2015 comes in three variants of RS 350, Rs 350 f sport, and RS 450 h. The first is the engine of 3.5L 2 GR-FE V-6 with 275 horsepower and six-speed automatic transmission. In the model sport difference is that the eight-speed transmission automatic and has a lot of accessories for the true lovers of SUVs. Engineers are particularly proud of the RS 450 h because in addition to the standard engine has an electric motor.

Lexus RX 2015 side

Lexus RX 2015 price

Lexus RX 2015 should be presented to us by the end of the year. Its price should be slightly higher than $ 40,000. True lovers of these cars know that every penny invested can pay off, so you do not need to save on your preferences.

Lexus RX 2015 rear

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