Kia Sorento 2016 Design and Reviews
Kia Sorento 2016

Kia Sorento 2016 will be the latest SUV this company.The second-largest South Korean company is well known for producing very modern and very safe vehicles.

Kia Sorento 2016 changes and equipment

Kia Sorento 2016 will be able to classify medium crossover SUV. The first vehicle of the brand was produced in 2002. For years, designers work on improving the performance and appearance of this handsome. New Kia Sorento will now have a more serious look and excellent characteristics. The vehicle will have a larger wheelbase. Manufacturer will achieve greater interior, which will most affect the size of the trunk. Designers have decided that should the car be slightly lower and thus achieve greater effect aerodynamics. In appearance will be dominated by the so-called tiger nose grille. This is the distinctive details of the model. The manufacturer has decided not to lag behind the competition in terms of interior design. The interior of this pretty boy is really top notch. Excellent audio system will make everyone enjoy the ride. Will be possessing excellent gadgets for entertainment of passengers. Driving the SUV will be more than simple because the engineers tried to take advantage of new technologies. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph will be able to achieve in nine seconds.

Kia Sorento 2016 side

Types of engine

Kia Sorento 2016 has not yet been officially announced that the engines possess. From the engine with four valves should supply us with 2.0 turbo and 2.4L. Somewhat stronger motor could be a V-6, 3,6L or 3.3l. It is assumed that we offer a hybrid model. Vehicle will possess front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, depending on the wishes and possibilities buyer.

Kia Sorento 2016 rear

Release date end expected price

Kia Sorento 2016 should be presented to us by the end of this year. Its price will be around $ 25,000. Such a vehicle deserves attention because superior performance comes with a decent price.

Kia Sorento 2016 interior

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