Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 Reviews
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 is a new member of this  American company. We always offer great quality of vehicles but seems to have now surpassed themselves.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 is a high-performance SUV. Previous model was excellent so engineers and designers have little to improve. Very strong body with excellent quality equipment gives us the car that nothing is impossible. It has four side doors and rear which have been redesigned for better visibility. The grid is made ​​up of seven parts which are lined with chrome strips. Front and rear lights are LED which is a great help to the driver during night driving. Headlights have a system for washing. This innovation allows excellent visibility. Modern look Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 and provide alloy wheels of 20 inches.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 rear

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 interior

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 interior exudes high functionality and comfort. Wooden parts give warmth to this handsome. The steering wheel is a three spoke to the management because it has a lot of commands. Five passengers have all the convenience and driver and the freedom of comfort of leather seats which may optionally have a heating and cooling. Panoramic roof is another advantage of this SUV. Two touch screen 7-inch and 8 give all the necessary information and are very legible. Harman Kardon system guarantees an unforgettable pleasure for the ears. The ride will enjoy, and the driver and companions because this car is equipped with the latest generation equipment such as 3D navigation, Bluetooth, USB connection and a card reader. Security is at all true off-roader in the first place so that Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 has a system of airbags, Blind Spot Monitoring anti-collision warning system, automatic brakes and cruise control.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 interior

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 engine

Jeep Grand Cherokee  has a great engine. Among them is the most economical 3.0 L Multi Jet with 240 horsepower and 420 lb / ft and eight-speed automatic transmission. The following is a 3.2 L Pent star V-6. With eight-cylinder engines are 5.7 L and 6.4 L Hemi. They go with the optional automatic or manual transmission. You can have a car and drive to all four wheels.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 side

Jeep Grand Cherokee price

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 will be available in showrooms in mid sweetening year. Price range is very wide, because a lot of equipment can be combined. Home price ranges 30000 $ a model for STR8 price is about $ 65,000. This is a vehicle for people who know what they want.


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