Honda Odyssey 2015 Release date and Specs
Honda Odyssey 2015

Honda Odyssey 2015 is the next generation minivan Japanese company. Honda emerged after the Second World War and became the holder of the Asian economy.

Honda Odyssey 2015 design

Honda Odyssey 2015 is the first car for large families. The vehicle is very similar to the previous model Jade. The designers have styled grille and headlights, and thus gave a modern look to this pet. As with the previous model, the colour remained the same is LX, EX and three variants LX. A special decoration of the vehicle is a moon roof. The car is very comfortable for all eight passengers. The dashboard is dominated by a clutter a screen of 8 inches. The touch screen controls most of the entertainment and safety of the vehicle. Car has the I-MID system and DVD system in the rear seat. Passenger safety is paramount. Airbags are properly arranged so that in the event of a crash, all passengers pass with minimum consequences. Engineers had predicted engine start button. Optionally be ordered with a sliding door. Drive is to the front wheels, but can be requested and drive to all four wheels.

Honda Odyssey 2015 interior

Honda Odyssey  engine

Honda Odyssey  comes with a V-6 from the 3.5L. It has 250 horsepower and torque of 250 lb / ft. This powerful engine comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. View of the fact that this is the vehicle for eight adults’ fuel consumption is quite ok. On the open road with a gallon of Honda Odyssey 2015 exceeds 28 miles, in the city 19 miles.

Honda Odyssey 2015 rear

Honda Odyssey 2015 price

Honda Odyssey  will go on sale late this year or early next year. A lot of equipment can be optional, so the price range is very large. The basic model starts from $ 29,000 and goes up to $ 46,000. Van may seem cumbersome, but not Honda Odyssey.

Honda Odyssey 2015 side

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