Honda CR-Z 2015 Hybrid Reviews
Honda CR-Z 2015

The new Honda CR-Z 2015 is an innovation in the whole auto industry. This Japanese car manufacturer is in the market in the present continuously since 1948.

Design of exterior and interior

Honda CR-Z 2015 will make a revolution in car manufacturing. It belongs to the group of sports- two seated. Due to a lot of equipment and a hybrid drive, the car is heavier than it should be but whatever it achieves excellent results in saved fuel. Line near the very streamlined and so far has not been seen in similar vehicles. Honda CR-Z 2015 is decorated with black and chrome parts. The grid is modernized so that it has a more aggressive look than previous models. Below the LED headlights are fog lights. The rear end of the vehicle is very interesting because the taillights in the amount of third door. The glass on the rear door part is almost horizontal position and because a lot of light in the cabin. The interior of the car is very nice and comfortable. Occupies the central part of the touch screen of 6.5 inches. The steering wheel is sporty-looking three-spoke. Japanese manufacturer never skimp on Hi-Tech equipment, which is the case here.

Honda CR-Z 2015 interior

Engine and transmission

Honda CR-Z 2015 is a hybrid vehicle, and therefore an excellent choice for people who want to preserve the environment. Engineers have long thought that the engines to decide. Their choice fell on the engine from 1.5 litters V-4 in combination with an electric motor of 15 kW. A seven-speed automatic transmission has double clutch.

Honda CR-Z 2015 rear

Honda CR-Z 2015 price and release date

New Honda CR-Z is a first-class athlete. Its main advantage over the other is the fuel economy and the price is very good for its class. Appear until the end of the year. And in showrooms this handsome expect after the New Year. Price for the base model will range from $ 19,500.

Honda CR-Z 2015 side

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