Honda CR-V 2015 Price and Specs
Honda CR-V 2015

Honda CR-V 2015 has a new vehicle in the very popular SUV category. He is the founder Soichiro Honda on the market arrived after the Second World War.

Honda CR-V design and equipment

Japanese automaker Honda produces premium vehicles.Honda CR-V 2015 will be one of the nicest SUV this season. It comes in three variants namely the EX-L, EX and LX. Each of them is distinguished by the equipment of the vehicle. The exterior of the designers have a lot of work. Redesigned almost everything but not a lot. Mirrors and handles are in body colour combined with black. The grille and headlights were changed to look more aggressive. Depending on the model of the wheels are made of steel or aluminium of 16 or 17 inches. Moon roof Honda CR-V 2015 provides an even more luxurious look. The interior is very spacious and comfortable for all five passengers. The engineers were not spared the optional entertainment and thus they offered us excellent vehicle for longer trips. From the equipment we have is sensitive to the touch screen of 7 inches which controls a first-class audio system and rear seat home entertainment, automatic climate control, auto-dimming glass, etc. Leather seats can be optionally heating. The steering wheel is covered with leather, for him to control more functions.

Honda CR-V 2015 interior

Honda CR-V 2015 engine

Honda CR-V 2015 will now come out with a variant of the engine. Engine 2.4L V – 4 has 185 horsepower and torque of 163 lb / ft. There is a possibility that it will be offered some other variations but nothing officially we do not know. The manufacturer decided to five-speed automatic transmission.

Honda CR-V 2015 side

Honda CR-V price and release date

Honda CR-V 2015 should be found in showrooms by the end of the year. Presentation is expected to fall in Paris. Prices should range from $ 24,000 up to $ 31,000 depending on the equipment and the customer’s request. This will indeed be the most beautiful among SUVs Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V 2015 rear

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