Honda Civic 2016 Design and Specs
Honda Civic 2016

The new Honda Civic 2016 will be a new vehicle in the American market. These Japanese handsome products in multiple locations,because of costs of transport.

Exterior and interior design

Honda Civic 2016 will be the ninth edition of a beautiful limousine. The manufacturer has decided to introduce a lot of changes to the exterior appearance. According to some sources, the biggest changes will experience the headlights and hood. Designers agreed that it should refresh the colours of the new Honda Civic. This sedan has for years recorded excellent sales in the markets of USA. Their market has high safety standards, and the Japanese company made ​​an effort to not fall behind the leading brands. Consider whether we should re-introduce the production hatchback. Last time it was not enough interested buyers but the market is different now. The sedan will be very comfortable. The equipment we are preparing for this beauty is top notch. Japanese cars are very safe because of their affection to new technologies. With the Honda Civic in 2016 and the longest journey you will pass in a flash, because the vehicle has all those little things that make a vehicle is perfect for enjoying.

Honda Civic 2016 interior

Honda Civic 2016 engine and transmission

Honda Civic 2016 will be a very economical vehicle. This is its main advantage over its rivals. One of the engines that could be found in the car is 1.5 litters engine with direct injection and dual clutch transmission. Also on offer is likely to be a V-4 engine of 1.8L. What is most interesting to all customers is a hybrid model. The Japanese manufacturer is investing maximum efforts to offer us the best combination of electric motors and motor.

Honda Civic 2016 side

Release date

Honda Civic 2016 will be presented before the end of next year as the model for the next season. Effort is made to keep the vehicle which was cheaper and more accessible to more consumers.

Honda Civic 2016 rear view

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