Ford Ranger 2016 Price and Design
Ford Ranger 2016

Ford Ranger 2016 is a vehicle in which a team of the company.The headquarters of company is located in Detroit,it is one of the oldest car manufacturers.

Design and changes

Ford Ranger 2016 will belong to the group of compact pickup. Team working on this vehicle has not yet decided for sure which name will be used. Also he called F-100. This name gives us the knowledge that the vehicle is less than its predecessor.The new model basically belongs to the famous series F. Since the previous Ranger is not proved that the manufacturer expected there was a large change. Ford Ranger 2016 will be smaller and made ​​of modern materials. In its development should use the latest military steel. Some of the changes should lead to a reduction in weight of the car. Presumably this will be a very economical vehicle. Some stories are circulating that consumption could be around 30 mpg on the highway. The vehicle will not fall behind on the beauty of all its competitors. The designers have opted for a lot of chrome decoration. Will be able to carry 1,000 pounds and yet it draws about 3,000 pounds. Modern family really deserves the right assistants such as new Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger 2016 interior

Ford Ranger 2016 engine types

New Ford will likely be offered with more engine variants. The company usually opts for energy saving and high quality engines. Some of the variants could be the 2.0L EcoBoost with 240 horsepower and 270 lb / ft of torque. There is a possibility that it finds and turbo engine with 2,3l EcoBoost 285 hp and 305 lb / ft of torque.

Ford Ranger 2016 side

Expected price and release date

Ford Ranger 2016 is still in preparation. Manufacturer we still do not give much information. For his presentation we will wait next year. Presumably, the price will be very acceptable. Should not exceed the basic model $ 20,000.

Ford Ranger 2016 rear

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