Ford Explorer 2016 SUV Redesign
Ford Explorer 2016

Ford Explorer 2016 will likely continue to sell great American SUV. Ford Company for many years is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles.

Ford Explorer design and improvements

Ford Explorer 2016 will be the sixth generation of the model. So far this is the best-selling medium SUV category. We hope that this trend will continue. Manufacturer will offer four versions of the SUV Base, XLT, Limited and Sport. Shape Ford Explorer is a square but with rounded edges. Very interesting because it seems the designers have managed to incorporate luxury with aggressiveness. Redesigned mask with a nice fitted giving the pretties powerful look. The glass roof is another nice detail on the car. In this model there will be a reduction in weight because the producers decided the new materials. The interior is very comfortable and suited for longer trips. It has three row seating but the third row can be eliminated, thus increasing the luggage compartment. The SUV will own a lot of equipment intended to facilitate driving. Safety in the car is one of the most important factors when choosing a new vehicle, so that the engineers of the company’s effort to offer us an absolutely superb vehicle.

Ford Explorer 2016 interior

Ford Explorer 2016 engine types and transmission

Ford Explorer 2016 will have more engine variants. The first choice of the manufacturer is V-6 engine of 3.5 litters that develops 290 hp and has 255 lb / ft of torque. According to some sources, this beauty could have 2,7L EcoBoost engine. Some other engines are in circulation but no official confirmation. In combination with six-speed automatic transmission, this will be the ultimate vehicle. Like any true off-roader drive two or four wheels.

Ford Explorer 2016 side

Expected price and release date

Ford Explorer 2016 will appear at the end of next year. Its price should be at around $ 30,000. We hope that you will confirm the fact that this is one of the best selling SUV in the world.

Ford Explorer 2016 rear view

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