Ford Bronco SVT 2016 Redesign
Ford Bronco SVT 2016

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 will be available again. The American company has decided to offer us a well-known SUV with a completely redesigned and modernized.

Design of exterior and interior

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 will come without a lot of frills. The compact SUV first appeared back in 1966. Since then the design has changed, but not much. The vehicle remained sharp and aggressive lines. Large aluminium wheels are a real decoration on this beauty. The massive grille and huge bumpers gives everyone knows that this SUV designed for real men. High-quality dual LED lights are another plus in the exterior of the new Ford Bronco . The exterior is very retro, but that’s not the case with the interior. The vehicle will be equipped with the latest hi-tech details that make it easier to manage. Designers will do our best to accommodate all the comfort of five passengers. Large luggage compartment is adapted to longer trips and larger families. The dashboard will be clear and very simple. Comfortable seats are always welcome on American vehicles, and it is also the case here.

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 interior

Engine performances and types

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 has long been expected. Manufacturer has not released the specific facts but a lot of information has been leaked. The vehicle will be driven on all four wheels. Stories are circulating that the terrain has petrol and diesel engine variants. Engines that we expect are the V-6 3.5L EcoBoost V-8 Coyote 5,0L. There is a possibility that the choice of finding and V-6 4.9 diesel with 330 horsepower. This should be the most economical version of the engine. As for the transmission, the choice will be between a six-speed automatic or manual transmission.

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 side

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 price

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 has long been in preparation. But his presentation is reserved for next year. Manufacturer jealously guards information about his appearance and price. All the news we hear from you soon.First-class car company Ford are absolutely always in top quality and safety. This SUV is worth the wait.

Ford Bronco SVT 2016 rear

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