Dodge Durango 2015 Changes and Reviews
Dodge Durango 2015

Dodge Durango 2015 is the fourth generation of this successful model, an American car manufacturer.The company is part of the big Chrysler Corporation.

Dodge Durango 2015 design

Brothers, Horace Elgin Dodge John Francis Dodge in 1900, starting with the production of automobile parts already begin producing cars in 1915. Dodge Durango  is a large SUV that is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Large trunk of 84.5 cubic feet, seven seats, and traction capabilities between 6200 and 7400 pounds of the facts in contribution of this great guy. The vehicle is envisioned for larger families and people who like comfortable and easy to ride. As a fourth-generation Dodge Durango 2015 is an improved and corrected all deficiencies in previous models. The SUV was modernized and styled to look better than ever. The front grille is designed as a two-piece mask with a great logo, the extension of the LED headlights. Depending on the models get alloy wheels 18 or 20 inches. Dodge Durango 2015 comes to us in four variants namely SXT, limited, citadel and R / K. Cabin of the SUV was more than comfortable and comfortable. Most of the functions are controlled on the touch screen of 5 inches. The entertainment was provided screen in the backseat of 8 inches. The vehicle has a blue-ray player, satellite radio, Bluetooth and many other modern gadgets.

Dodge Durango 2015 interior

Dodge Durango 2015 engine

Dodge Durango 2015 received a very powerful engine. Depending on the model and the customer’s wishes, they offered us 3,6L V-6 engine with 290 horsepower and 260 lb / ft of torque. Another variant of the powerful V-8 engine 5,7l power 360 hp. Circulating rumours’ that there will be some other engine variants, but it is not yet confirmed. One thing is certain and that is the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Dodge Durango 2015 rear

Dodge Durango  price

Dodge Durango  will be launched by the end of the year. The price of this pretty boy should range from $ 36,000 to $ 49,000. Be careful because it comes fiercest among vehicles Dodge Durango.

Dodge Durango 2015 side

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