Dodge Charger 2016 Changes and Reviews
Dodge Charger 2016

Dodge Charger 2016 will be the latest dangerous guy in this big family,it comes improved in every segment. Brand Dodge is owned by Chrysler Corporation.

Changes in exterior and interior design

The founders of the Dodge auto industry are brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge. In 1900 they began producing parts for cars, and in 1915 began by producing cars.Dodge Charger 2016 will be a new vehicle, but his predecessors are all well known. The manufacturer has decided to keep the retro look and added a big dose of modern manners. Innovations of the modern era are visible in every part of the car, but in minimal amounts. Led lights are this time round and very good quality because it comes to new technology. The narrow grille is the trademark of all vehicles of this brand. These little things make the new Dodge Charger more aggressive. The true connoisseur’s car prices all cars of this manufacturer but this model always causes special attention. Cabin of this beauty was made for enjoyment. On the buyer to decide whether it will be a seat upholstered in nappa leather or lagoon. Control panel is dominated by a large screen of 8.4 inches. On it is done reading most of the functions of this beautiful new model.

Dodge Charger 2016 side

Engine types and transmission

Dodge Charger 2016 vehicle that is expected that in addition to its aggressive looks and is very fast. For this reason, the manufacturer decided to offer two excellent and fast engines. The first engine should be Pentstar V-6th. The second motor may be a V Hemi-8 with 6.2 l. Gearbox should be eight-speed automatic. This combination is really top notch.

Dodge Charger 2016 dashboard

Dodge Charger 2016 expected price

Dodge Charger 2016 will be the car that everyone will want. His dangerous appearance, excellent build quality and well-known excellent engines are certainly its main advantages over the competition. Price should be moving about 45,000 $.

Dodge Charger 2016 rear

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