Dodge Challenger 2016 Changes and Reviews
Dodge Challenger 2016

Dodge Challenger 2016 will be the latest fast coupe American companies. Vehicles with Dodge sign are of the highest quality and most modern performance.

Design of exterior and interior

Dodge Challenger 2016 will be the top most quality auto feature. The first vehicle with this name appeared back in 1960. As of today, it is the prestige and speed. The appearance of this handsome is pretty retro. Some of the main features designers have decided to keep. Minor changes to the external appearance were introduced only to the vehicle look more modern. Dodge Challenger is slightly shorter than its predecessor. This fact has contributed to the vehicle is still starting than would be expected. One of the trademarks of this car is its very dynamic form. The manufacturer has put a lot of effort to the interior of new Dodge Challenger looks very modern. Quality seats and complete interior that exudes speed, it will surely be one reason that many pay a lot of attention to this handsome. This beautiful convertible, equipped with the latest gadgets today. On the dashboard is a large touch screen of 8.4 inches. It controls most of the functions of the vehicle. This vehicle is a combination of retro looks from the outside and comfortable trifle of modern times.

Dodge Challenger 2016 interior

Dodge Challenger 2016 engine and acceleration

Dodge Challenger 2016 will feature well-known, high quality motor. The manufacturer decided to supercharged engine 6,2L. This powerful Hemi engine has six valves. In combination with the automatic transmission of eight speeds this car will be a beast. Should accelerate from 0 to 60 mph is reached in about 4 seconds. This fact is really impressive.

Dodge Challenger 2016 side

Release date and price

The new Dodge Challenger is still not seen the light of day. It is expected next year. The price of this handsome is now a mystery. But this kind of vehicle is really worth the wait.

Dodge Challenger 2016 rear



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