Dodge barracuda 2015 Changes and Specs
Dodge barracuda 2015

Dodge barracuda 2015 is a new and interesting  model in the U.S. Company. The automaker is present in the market for a century,they have a big expectations.

Dodge barracuda 2015 design

Dodge barracuda  is a high performance sports car. It will be smaller than the model Challenger making it easier and more mobile. The reason is reducing the weight of the lighter materials and a reduction in the length and width. Designers will try to leave the vehicle in the real stamp Dodge cars, but at the same time we offer a modern car. Changes in the interior went exclusively toward comfort. The redesigned grille will give this retro handsome streamlined look. Safety systems and features to Dodge barracuda 2015 will be definitely better than the previous model.

Dodge barracuda 2015 interior

Dodge barracuda engine

Dodge barracuda 2015 we will be probably offered three or four engine variants. All engines should have direct injection. The first option should be the engine of 3.6 l V-6 Pentstar. Another 5.7 L Hemi V-8 and the strongest among them should be 6.2 L Hemi supercharged which should have 600 to 660 horsepower. One thing is for sure, this model will go environmentally friendly and energy efficient motors. It is expected that it will be driven to the rear wheels. Rumours’ are circulating that it will be a double clutch on this model. Dodge barracuda 2015 will have a manual transmission with 6 or 7 speed. Rear suspension in this model is multilink. Wheelbase is lower than the model Challenger which greatly increases the stability of the vehicle on the road.

Dodge barracuda 2015 rear

Dodge barracuda 2015 price

Dodge barracuda  we will be presented at a major American exhibition. The popular “Cuda” is one of the luxury sports cars. The price of this retro beauty should be between 55,000 and $ 60,000. Lovers of true sports car, this will not pose any obstacle.

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