Cadillac SRX 2016 Changes and Reviews
Cadillac SRX 2016

Cadillac SRX 2016 is a new child of the famous American brand cars. The company was founded in 1902.Seven years later,the company takes over General Motors.

Cadillac SRX 2016 design and changes

Cadillac SRX 2016 will be the third generation of this model. His nickname is the Golden Goose. This tells us that the vehicle is of exceptional quality. It belongs to the category of medium-sized SUV. It is luxuriously furnished. It was made at the Omega platform. For shade will be larger than its predecessor, but a little narrower which will allow for easier management. New Cadillac SRX will be a real American car because its production will be entirely on American soil. The new facility in Tennessee is ready to produce this beautiful luxury SUV. As there were many objections to previous models, the manufacturer has decided to introduce only minor changes. The new bumper is equipped with the latest generation of LED lights. According to some gossip, the vehicle will have a third row of seats. The interior of this vehicle is always very pleasant and comfortable because the car is designed for longer trips.

Cadillac SRX 2016 interior

Types of engine and acceleration

New model will be a very economical but powerful SUV. The first engine to be awaiting the determination to drive this beast is a twin-turbocharged of 3,6l V-6. More powerful engine that will drive a Cadillac SRX is a V-8 of 4,5l. Like any SUV, we expect the drive to all four wheels to come optional. This powerful beauty will have acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds.

Cadillac SRX 2016 side

Expected price of new model

Cadillac SRX 2016 will be a beauty in its class. According to some, its price should be around $ 39,000. This American favourite is really worth every penny.

Cadillac SRX 2016 rear

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