Buick Grand National 2015 Specs
Buick Grand National 2015

 Buick Grand National 2015 is a luxury vehicle that comes to from factory in America. Vehicle Buick is part of the large family of General Motors Company.

Buick Grand National 2015 design

The sale of these beauties is generally reserved for North America and part of Asia.Buick Grand National 2015 comes with a lot of innovation in design and equipment. This model reached its economic peak in 1987 when it was a status symbol of the new era. Designers and engineers have put a lot of effort to replicate this success. This car is a sedan in the truest sense of the word. Imposing appearance has been achieved vertical grille and curved lines. Additional decoration is a great logo. Side turn indicators are located on the rear-view mirrors. Chrome wheels give a dose of elegance and luxury of this true American beauty. The interior is mostly black. The manufacturer has invested extra effort to interior Buick Grand National in 2015 to make a very comfortable and pleasant. Driving is very easy and comfortable for most of the functions on the steering wheel. Plenty of accessories can be ordered optionally.

Buick Grand National 2015 interior

Buick Grand National 2015 engine

Buick Grand National 2015 is the beginning of the two versions of the engine. The first engine is a 2.0L V-4 power of 272 hp and 260 lb / ft of torque. This version is more economical which will surely satisfy customers. A stronger motor will probably be 3,6L V-6. Transmission will be eight-speed automatic or manual by the customer. Option will probably be offered and the drive to all four wheels.

Buick Grand National 2015 rear

Buick Grand National 2015 price

Buick Grand National should reach us before the end of this year. Price of such a vehicle should be from $ 30,000 to $ 38,000, depending on the accessory. Such a pretty boy it was worth the wait because everyone in it looks like a president.

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