Buick Anthem 2015 Design and Release date
Buick Anthem 2015

The new Buick Anthem 2015 comes to fill a gap in the range of excellent vehicles. Buick brand is considered one of the oldest vehicles in Americas ground.

Buick Anthem design and infotainment system

Buick is a part of the General Motors and successfully operating for more than a century.Buick Anthem 2015 should fall into the category of medium-sized luxury SUV. It is fully upgraded compared to its predecessor the 2009. Designers have been working hard on the front. The front grille looks like a waterfall. LED headlights are completely redesigned to give the vehicle a more aggressive look. Platform on which the vehicle is done has superior aerodynamic line. Mirrors in body colour of the vehicle. Most of the details of the exterior are the chrome which gives a dose of elegance.New Buick Anthem alloy wheels of 17 inches look very attractive in this beauty. Glasses are tinted. The interior is very pleasant and comfortable. Leather seats and wooden elements on the console give warmth to this beauty. Pleasant environment makes the trip more interesting for all five passengers. There are also additional pursuits such as satellite radio, CD, MP3, seven speakers, Bluetooth with plenty of USB ports. Driver support is the cruise control, rear camera, navigation, traction control and much more which should contain a modern vehicle.

Buick Anthem 2015 interior

Buick Anthem 2015 types of engine

Buick Anthem 2015 will have several types of engines. The first should be a 2.5 l V-4 that has 195 horsepower and 187 lb / ft of torque. Another version could be the engine of 3,6L and V-6 that will have to drive all four wheels. Transmission in both cases will be a six-speed automatic.

Buick Anthem 2015 front

Buick Anthem 2015 release date and price

Buick Anthem 2015 to the sale should be by the end of the year. Dealers in the USA and China are ready to go to his promotion. Prices are not yet known, but certainly to one, this beauty is truly remarkable. Size and performances of new Buick Anthem are high and this is its main advantage over the other.

Buick Anthem 2015 side

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