Audi S5 2015 Relase date and Reviews
Audi S5 2015

Audi S5 2015 is an athlete in the German automotive industry.This well known cars of the Audi brand in the market have been around for more than a century.

Audi S5 2015 design

The company is strengthened by merging three manufacturers.  Since 1966 he has been part of the VW group.Audi S5 2015 will come in many varieties. There will be a sedan and hatchback with five seats and a convertible with four seats. Regardless of which option you choose, you get the car high-performance and exceptional design. The streamlined look is achieved rounded edges. The designers have opted for a horizontal grid. Special impression on the viewer’s left LED lights in the shape of hexagons. The rear bumper was raised as Audi S5 provides an aggressive look. The manufacturer chose the quad-exhaust system because the previous model proved to be excellent. The wheels are 19-inch aluminium but can be obtained by optionally black. The engineers have security on this vehicle to perfection. Enhanced airbags, parking sensors, traction control are just some of the advantages of this vehicle. Interior is very comfortable and pleasant. The interior is mostly in black and the front end is dominated by a touch screen that controls the majority of functions for comfort and leisure travellers. The seats are upholstered in fabric or leather at bay buyer and optionally you can get heated seats.

Audi S5 2015 interior

Audi S5 engine

Audi S5 2015 as the base engine, a 3.0 l supercharged V-6 direct injection. Matched is with a seven-speed automatic transmission and delivers 345 horsepower and a 325 lb / ft of torque. We expect some more power, but the new information we will wait a little longer. Audi S5 2015 is not a small consumer, but in view of the fact that what we get is negligible.

Audi S5 2015 rear

Audi S5 2015 price

This new model is expected in showrooms by the end of the year. For such a pretty boy am I supposed to allocate between $ 52,000 and $ 66,000. Audi S5  will do to attract attention at any time, and therefore it is worth every penny.

Audi S5 2015 rear

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