Audi Q7 2015 Release date and Specs
Audi Q7 2015

Audi Q7 2015 is the latest SUV of the German company. The next generation of this model is characterized by the change to the forefront of the design team.

Audi Q7 design and equipment

 Audi Q7 2015 will retain distinctive imposing appearance. The outward appearance is dominated by trapezoidal grille and 21 inch wheels. A striking look at night this model gives front and rear LED lights. Interestingly that in making the vehicle as much as 40% of light materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. Weight reduction is just one of many factors affecting the fuel consumption reduction.  Audi Q7 2015 will be a top European SUV and it is expected with a bunch of equipment. The driver will manage this pretty boy will be easier because the vehicle has off-road track. Multi Media Interface will most probably be able to be controlled by voice and touch. Designers are simple keys to a minimum. Rather than expecting the classic dial screen that is likely to be very clear like a true German vehicles. It is expected that the new model have three rows of seats, which would mean that it can satisfy the growing family.

Audi Q7 2015 dashboard

Audi Q7 2015 types of engine

Audi Q7 2015, we expect to more than one version of the engine. The basic version should be a small four-cylinder diesel engine. Versions that are supposed to appear as 3.0 L V-6 and 3.0 L V-6 TDI. You expect a sports version of the V-8 gasoline engine. There are some indications that in busy preparing  twin turbo charged 4,0l V-8. The company will probably offer us plug-in hybrid version. Transmission deserving of such a vehicle should be 8-speed automatic. All this leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and of course it is very important to greater savings in fuel. Buyer of this vehicle will be able to choose between 2WD and 4-wheel drive.

Audi Q7 2015 rear

Audi Q7 2015 price and release date

Audi Q7 2015 will likely be ready to come out into the light of day present to us at the fair in Paris in the autumn of this year. Price for the base model starts from £ 45,000 and goes up to 60,000. Be ready in October we reached the most beautiful European SUV.

Audi Q7 2015 side

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