Audi Q5 2015 SUV Reviews
Audi Q5 2015

 Audi Q5 2015 SUV is the latest German manufacturer. The company was founded in 1909th in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. 1966 becomes majority owner of the VW group. 

Audi Q5 2015 design

The motto of the company Audi’s ‘’Vorsprung durch Technik’’ says a lot about the company.Audi Q5 2015 threatens to become the most preferred SUV on the market. The designers have tried to bring a lot of changes in the interior and exterior. The offer will include the three dimensions of the redesigned alloy wheels of 18, 19 and 20 inches. In preparing this beauty were used to a greater extent, aluminium and steel so that the vehicle will lose weight. Thus there is a substantial savings in fuel. Audi Q5  gets a new grille with a more shiny chrome parts. Revised headlights provide a stylish and dangerous look this SUV. Audi Q5 2015 has Xenon and LED lights. Mirrors in body colour and are wearing blinkers giving the vehicle a massive appearance. Redesigned roof and hood are another plus in terms of aerodynamics. Rear doors are brought to perfection as far as looks and functionality. By folding the rear bench gets enough space for all the needs of a modern family. Comfort seats and complete interiors are custom satisfaction of all five passengers. As with all true Germans, the control panel is very simple and well organized. On the big screen, the driver controls the majority of equipment such as navigation, air conditioning, audio system, cruise control, satellite radio and more.

Audi Q5 2015 interior

Audi Q5 2015 engine

Audi Q5 will have several types of engines. Engineers have tried to offer us different types depending on customer preference. For starters we have a 2.0 L V-4 turbo engine power 220 HP and 295 lb / ft of torque. The following streaming should be 3.0 L supercharged V-6 with 272 horsepower and 295 lb / ft. Most likely will be offered diesel and hybrid engines. One thing is for sure, with this engine comes the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Audi Q5 2015 rear

Audi Q5  price

 Audi Q5 2015 SUV is worthy of a modern family. Should soon be found on sale and its price will start at $ 37,000. Be prepared, because this is a German car who deserves your attention.

Audi Q5 2015 side

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