Audi A5 2016 Price and Release date
Audi A5 2016

Audi A5 2016 is a car that comes to us in the near future.Company is in Bavaria for more than a century,the market sells only the highest quality cars.

Design and changes

Audi emblem consists of four connected circles indicating the four companies merged into one company. Audi is now part of the big Volkswagen Group.Audi A5 2016 will be the last child of a large family. For the American market, the manufacturer has prepared a coupe and convertible. European customers will offer the Sportback, Coupe and Convertible. The first model of this vehicle was manufactured in 2007 and since then has been constantly a slight increase. To improve performance of Audi A5 manufacturer decided to drive straight on a completely different platform. They decided to MBL Evo. Great expectations are from these changes. In the first place the fuel savings that would be achieved by the loss of weight of the vehicle. The designers have opted for easier material and thus improve the performance of the vehicle. The redesigned grille gives the vehicle a look of high aggressors. LED lights are of the highest quality. A vehicle such as this can be placed at the top of the comfort and of course safety.

Audi A5 2016 interior

Types of engine and transmission

Audi A5 2016 will have some of the previous engine and some new variants. Proven and reliable engines are 2.0L V-4 turbo and 3.0L V-6 Supercharged. The engineers have decided to introduce a bit of change. The new engine is a 4.0L V-8 Twin Turbo. Depending on the customer’s wishes, transmission may be a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic. It is also a story that we offer the manufacturer and the hybrid model. He should have a regular engine and two electric motors.

Audi A5 2016 rear

Audi A5 2016 price and release date

Audi A5 2016 will have a rather large price range. Because of the many variations of engines and a lot of equipment that can optionally go, this handsome price ranges 40000 $ and goes up to $ 70,000. Presentation of the Audi A5 2016 is expected to be available next year, but we know it will be spectacular.

Audi A5 2016 side

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