Acura NSX 2015 Redesign and Reviews
Acura NSX 2015

Acura NSX 2015 is a new model of this very young company. Founded in 1986 in a part of the Honda was designed to produce powerful and luxury sports cars.

Acura NSX  design

Production of these vehicles is done in California.Acura NSX 2015 will be truly superior car in every way. People enjoying the speed and luxury of this vehicle will make the wildest desires. We get great promises of designers and directors of this team. Little is known about the latest Acura NSX in 2015, but one thing is for sure, we get a two-seater with a high performance. In its preparation were used lightweight materials such as carbon fibber. Acura NSX  will look very futuristic. Design team made ​​sure that the vehicle is comfortable and very easy to manage. Drive is to all four wheels so that the impression of driving on the track.The leather seats and steering wheel with three-spoke steering drivers easier. The interior is dominated by a large touch screen that has a lot of commands. About the Japanese love of Hi-tech does not need to be discussed, so just imagine how many of these little things engineers have thrown in the latest Acura NSX 2015.

Acura NSX 2015 interior

Acura NSX 2015 engine

 Acura NSX 2015 driven by three electric motors and a engine 3.5 L V-6 with 550 horsepower . The engine has direct injection. Switch off the engine of the motors is done automatically. Seven-speed gearbox has a double clutch. Drive to all four wheels is included only if road conditions require it.

Acura NSX 2015 rear

Acura NSX  price

Acura NSX 2015, we expect a special event that will be prepared for the presentation of this model. Super car Acura NSX  is more than a vehicle because the very idea is very futuristic. His performance was excellent and engineers, it was important that the car is more environmentally friendly. The price will be over $ 100,000, but it’s just a minor thing, because the future comes to us with new Acura NSX .

Acura NSX 2015 side

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