2016 Toyota Prius Release date and Design
2016 Toyota Prius

The new 2016 Toyota Prius will be the most economical car market next season. The Japanese company always strives to be at the top in quality and design.

Design and equipment

2016 Toyota Prius will be medium-sized hatchback. This model of the Japanese company’s was first commercial hybrid on the market. He appeared in the late nineties. Constant changes and improvements have led to this model leading to market hybrids. The engineers have invested a huge effort to make this nice car was really superb. During the preparation of this beauty used a lot of aluminium and carbon fibber. This fact has led to a reduction in weight and even greater fuel savings. This compact car is very nice design. The aerodynamic line is very modern and convenient. Headlights have an elongated shape, which is in perfect harmony with the hood. Optionally, the vehicle may have a sunroof. The interior is simple and comfortable. The steering wheel will have four arms and a lot of features that will be of great assistance to drivers. Car can accommodate up to five passengers. Security is raised to highest level. Vehicle has additional airbag. Japanese cars still have a lot of entertainment equipment while driving, it is assumed that this beauty abound such trifles.

2016 Toyota Prius side

Engine and electric motor

2016 Toyota Prius will be the most economical car on the market. According to some assumptions, you should have a fuel consumption of 60 mpg. Car will own the latest lithium ion battery. This battery is lighter than standard and enables faster charging. There are some rumours that engineers are working on introducing the drive to the rear wheels. In combination with the electric motor comes standard engine of 1.8L. The engine of the four-cylinder will have a 98 horsepower, combined with an electric vehicle will have a total of 150 horsepower.

2016 Toyota Prius rear view

2016 Toyota Prius release date and expected price

2016 Toyota Prius should hit the market in late 2015. Its price should range between $ 25,000 and $ 28,000. This car deserves the attention of all the people who care about the environment and your wallet.

2016 Toyota Prius interior

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