2016 Land Rover Discovery Diesel Reviews
2016 Land Rover Discovery

2016 Land Rover Discovery SUV will be the latest British brand. The company was founded after the Second World War. It is now owned by Indian company Tata.

Vehicle design and improvements

2016 Land Rover Discovery is the fourth generation of urban SUV. The first vehicle of the brand appeared in 1989. Since then he has entered a lot of changes in its appearance and performance. The manufacturer decided to change the vehicle platform, and so made a lot of newspapers in appearance and size. The SUV will be larger in size than its predecessor. Robust appearance is still present. The grid will be styled and chrome. Headlights and taillights will be LED. According to some reports, the offer will be three trim levels SE, HSE and HSE Luxury. The interior is spacious and can accommodate up to seven passengers. The second and third seat can be lowered and thus increase luggage space. Most of the commands are on the steering wheel. The vehicle has a touch screen 8 inches. Cruise control is another plus of this pet. In the run everyone will enjoy. The driver will have plenty of equipment to help in the management of such a rear camera for parking, additional stability control and other. This beauty was created for enjoyment because it has a great sound system, plenty of USB ports and connectivity to smart phones.

2016 Land Rover Discovery side

Engine performances and transmission

2016 Land Rover Discovery will be a great vehicle that will have a superb engine. It is a V-6 diesel engine. This powerful engine will have 245 horsepower. When it comes to transmission will be offered in two variations, source in the nine-speed automatic or six-speed manual. The vehicle will have a drive to all four wheels.

2016 Land Rover Discovery rear

2016 Land Rover Discovery  expected price

2016 Land Rover Discovery will be a high-performance vehicle. This SUV will be at the top of its class. Its price has not yet been officially announced. According to some information, the price would have to be between $ 45,000 and $ 60,000.

2016 Land Rover Discovery interior

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