2016 Honda Fit Redesign and Specs
2016 Honda Fit

2016 Honda Fit will be the most beautiful city car next season. Japanese always lets us offers quality vehicles, fine design and excellent performance.

Design of exterior and interior

2016 Honda Fit will be a compact city car. In Europe, this vehicle is sold under the name Jazz. Due to its excellent performance and great fuel savings, belongs to the group of best-selling vehicles. The design has undergone some changes. This beauty will have a short hood. Great lights will decorate the front of the vehicle. Very interesting grid has undergone changes compared to its predecessor. The redesigned 14-inch wheels have a very low coefficient of resistance tires. In combination with excellent aerodynamic shape, this fact leads to great savings in fuel. The design of the hybrid version of the pet will differ from the standard model. The interior is very nice. The materials used in the preparation of the cabins are very good. It is plastic in combination with a cloth. The vehicle can accommodate five passengers. Rear seat is spacious, so that the adult members to be comfortable. Front seats may optionally have a heater. Automatic climate is another plus of this beautiful city car. Dashboard is dominated by the touch screen of eight inches. The car has navigation, which will be a great help to every driver.

2016 Honda Fit front

Engine performances and transmission

2016 Honda Fit will have a small, high quality motor. Motor for which the manufacturer has decided to Inline-4 engine. This engine has a capacity of 1,3l and provides 130 horsepower and 100lb / ft of torque. The hybrid version will appear later. This engine will be combined with an electric motor to have 150 horsepower. There will be two variants of the transmission. Manual transmission will have six speeds. The second is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. This combination leads to great savings in fuel.

2016 Honda Fit rear

2016 Honda Fit release date and expected price

2016 Honda Fit will appear at the beginning of 2016 a hybrid version later that year. Its price would have to be between $ 17,000 and $ 21,000. This will be a real car for every day.

2016 Honda Fit dashboard

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