2016 Dodge Avenger Reviews ans Specs
2016 Dodge Avenger

2016 Dodge Avenger will be one of the safest and most beautiful limousines next season. The sporty look of this vehicle will win you over at first sight.

Design of exterior and interior improvements

2016 Dodge Avenger will be an exceptional high-performance car. The first vehicle of the brand appeared eight years ago, and since then at the very top of the sedan. The offer will include three trim levels SE, SXT and R / T. The manufacturers decided to J platform. This change will introduce a combination of modern design and improved performance. The exterior of this pretty boy looks very sporty. Great halogen headlights give level of aggression car. The vehicle has a system for automatically turning on the lights. The wheels are 18-inch, made of an alloy. At the rear is a large redesigned spoiler. In addition to the beautiful appearance, this little thing adds to the stability of the vehicle on the road. The seats are very nice and comfortable. All five passengers will feel like on a cloud. The design of the sports seats with red trim that gives the luxurious look of the interior. Manufacturer spared no additional equipment to this comfortable limousine. Car has excellent navigation, satellite radio and plenty of USB ports in charge of entertainment the whole family. Excellent air conditioning is another reason to pay attention to this beauty.

2016 Dodge Avenger side

Engine performances and transmission

2016 Dodge Avenger will be car enticing design and excellent machines. The engineers have opted for a great economical engine. It is the engine of the four-cylinder and 2.4L. It has 173 horsepower and has a 166lb / ft of torque. In combination with the four-speed automatic transmissions, the savings is almost guaranteed. The vehicle will feature front-wheel drive.

2016 Dodge Avenger rear

2016 Dodge Avenger expected price

2016 Dodge Avenger should be in the following year appeared on the market. According to some the price of this great limousine will range between $ 20,500 and $ 25,800. For not much money so you could can afford a real American sedan.

2016 Dodge Avenger interior


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